Ongoing Discussions

DuPage County Vet Center: Aurora, Illinois

Following on the success of a recent Talking Service discussion, the DuPage County Vet Center has decided to make the discussions monthly events. Great Books discussion leaders Jack Hatfield and Andy Weiss have volunteered their services to facilitate the discussions. For information call 312-646-7138 or email

Gainesville, Forida

The Gainesville, FL, discussion group has been meeting monthly since October of 2013. The group was organized by and is moderated by former GBF trainer Don Smith. Attendance has ranged from 7-15. A typical session includes two combat veterans (with their spouses), three military veterans without combat experience, one or two VA workers, two people who each had a family member fighting in WWII, and two or three people who participate just because they find the topics interesting. Reading from Standing Down, the group is not taking up the selections in order but is skipping from topic to topic (using the topical guide near the front of the anthology). For more information, please contact Don Smith at