News & Events

  • Charleston County Public Library in South Carolina began its Talking Service discussion program in September 2017. Meeting once monthly on Saturday mornings, the group is led by Emilie Hancock and Kate Hudson, and will be meeting through May 2018. Contact the library at this address for more information about the group and its discussions.
  • The Charles George VA Medical Center (CGVAMC) in Asheville, NC, will be the site of three concurrent 8-week Talking Service discussion groups beginning in January, 2016. One group will be for women in the Military Sexual Trauma unit; another be for OIF/OEF (Iraq and Afghanistan deployment) veterans; and the third group will be for Vietnam-era veterans. The discussions will be co-led by CGVAMC staff and others from outside the facility who are veterans and have experience facilitating discussion groups. The leaders were trained in a day-long workshop in mid-December by Great Books staff member, Donald Whitfield.
  • Montgomery College, a two-year institution in Tacoma Park, MD, will host a 4-session Talking Service program in February, March, and April, 2016. The group will be co-led by Francine Jamin, former director of the Paul Peck Institute for American Culture and Civic Engagement at Montgomery College, and Jason Franklin, Veterans Program Manager for the Combat2College program at Montgomery.
  • Tennessee Humanities and Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) are collaborating on a Talking Service implementation at two prisons in Nashville, TN. A Great Books reading and discussion program for prisoners has been conducted by Dr. Philip Phillips and colleagues from MTSU for several years. This spring, the inmates in the program will be discussing selections from Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian. As if often the case, there is an overlap between the veteran and prison populations.
  • The Michigan Humanities Council is launching its Talking Service program on November 11, 2015 at Western Michigan University with a special program conducted by Benjamin Busch, a Marine veteran, writer, actor, filmmaker, photographer, and author of the foreword to Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian. Click here for more information.
  • The University of West Georgia in Carrollton featured a keynote symposium on Talking Service at its annual Humanities Conference, October 8 to 19. Along with Donald Whitfield from the Great Books Foundation, the symposium speakers included Arden Williams, Program Director of Georgia Humanities; Kristin Kelly, a Talking Service facilitator and professor at the University of North Georgia; and Randy Hendricks, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at the University of West Georgia and also a Talking Service facilitator. Matt Gallagher, representing the Words After War veterans writing workshops in New York City, was also featured.